Ty Long $250 No Website System Review.

I bought into the Ty Long NoWebsite, which now I think people are now calling it 250 A day no website system. Any way I paid $250 dollars for the No Website system and got an email with all the instructions.

What did I think about it after I paid $250, WTF. I received and email with instructions.

Here’s what I got in the email as a download.

  1. Ad copy
  2. Instructions for no website
  3. FAQ
  4. Email to send prospects that leave their name and number
  5. The phone broadcast

Since I already paid the $250 and I’m not one of those people who like to ask for refunds. I downloaded the instructions, follow them and then sent out an email to my personal list. Crazy thing is I made $1000 minus the original $250.

You can do a Google search for Ty long No Website and find a but ton of people making money with it.

I stopped promoting the Ty Long No Website System, shortly after, as I didn’t see any real value in the product, actually there was no product. Nor did I see any team building in it.

What really got me to thinking, is in the instructions, you are told to send the $250 as a gift if using paypal. Now that is a big no no with PayPal.
Your account will get closed faster than a cat can lick it’s you know what.

So here’s what I’m going to do, you can get access to the original Ty Long No Website system for $10.00. Then you can take the information and sell it for $250.  Click this link