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When marketing online you are going to get questions from leads and prospects, and rightfully so, but which questions should you avoid answering.

Here are 5 questions that you should definitely avoid answering from a lead.

  1. How much money can I make?
  2. Will this work for me?
  3. Can a newbie do this?
  4. Do I have to promote or sponsor people?
  5. How much money are you making?

Of course there’s actually a lot more questions that can be added to the 5 above, but this should give you a base line to start.  For example you might get the ole “I’ve been burned too many times, will this business work for me?” When I see that phrase in my inbox I want take shot gun and shoot my computer screen.

Some questions like the 5 above are either unanswerable, or your answer will be wrong no matter what you say.

So how do I know your answer will be wrong.  Right from the beginning, any lead who ask these 5 questions has never had any success building a business and never will.  Whether they realize it or not, they are searching for comfort answers because in their own subconscious they know they will never have any success unless they break the habit of asking these types of questions.

Let’s say you get caught up in the moment and you answer one of these questions. For example, a lead ask you if they can do this business and you reply with Sure Anyone Can Do This. They join but turnaround and don’t do a damn thing to build their business. A week later they are calling you every name in the book because you told them they can do this business and they didn’t make any money.

Am I saying that you should not respond at all, no. But you absolutely must chose your words carefully and if you’re not sure, don’t answer at all.

You may think that by not answering these types of questions will cause you to lose that lead as a potential member, but I will tell you from experience that this type of member will drain you dry.

Here’s the bottom line: It’s your business, you are the leader, you make the choice of who you work with and who you are going to spend your time on.

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Brian Davis 

  Hello, Brian Davis here with my review of GlobalNPN, and yes I am a member, so this will not be one of those reviews where at the end I tell you to go check out a totally different program than GlobalNPN. 

to be continued.

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