Looks like WakeUpNow had a 114.82% gain in MLM Rankings popularity for the month of April 2014. This of course makes WakeUpNow the fastest growing MLM company for the month.

Wether WakeUpNow will hold that top position remains to be seen. And we of course have to look at overall longterm standings as well. 


We know that if the old dogs like Amway, Herbalife, Xango etc.. only grow by 1 or 2%, those numbers can be more than a dozen other network marketing companies growth percentage compbined. 

I briefly watched a video on WakeUpNow main website, my understanding in that short time is that WakeUpNow is a shoping platform, but I could be wrong and if I am, perhaps other people who land on WakeUpNow distributors sites will think the same thing. 

But obviously WakeUpNow is growing and people are joining WakeUpNow, or at least the traffic search for WakeUpNow information or WakeUpNow reviews have increased. 

If you are a WakeUpNow distributor, what do you like best about WakeUpNow

What methods work best to generate leads and ultimately get more active downline members is a question that has been asked for as long as there have been direct selling companies.

Of course the question What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups, being asked today will result in different answers than 30 years ago.  That far back you might get suggestions like, magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mail and of course belly to belly prospecting.

Today however; social media would probably get the highest recommendation. But does social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. actually work the best to get more downline signups?

The question I propose to you, is What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups? Please leave your comments below at what you feel works the best. Remember to leave a link website link for some free exposure.

Talk with you later Brian Davis

Because their freaking lazy! Ah you thought I was going to start out with the traditional “it’s not your fault” or tell you that you’ve been lied to is the reason people fail in MLM. Well that my friends is a bunch of hogwash and it’s nothing more than reverse psychology. It’s a tactic that is as old as, well as old as attraction marketing I suppose.  

Let’s be honest, when most people join a network marketing company, they join with the vision of soon living in a 7000 square foot house on the beach, driving expensive cars and if they are really good, they can bring back the double finger shoot at parties.

But when most people discover that network marketing takes work, most are not willing to put in the effort.  

People will join an MLM, attempt to work it for a short period, oh and checking your email 30 times and hour for a sign ups doesn’t count as working your business. But when they don’t see immediate results they quit. And most will ponder at what happened, why didn’t I make all that money they said I could make.  

Do you know why earning disclaimers are required to be on marketing systems that even hint at income, it’s the same reason there’s a warning sticker on an iron that reads do not iron clothes while wearing them.  Because there are brain dead people who will try to iron a wrinkle out with the shirt on.  People will try and sue the network marketing company because they didn’t make the money that might have been portrayed in a video or text on a landing page. 

What do you think, why do you think most people fail in network marketing?

Brian Davis

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